Friday, January 27, 2006 

Zoilocast No. 3

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I apologize for the lateness of this one. Good news, this podcast was recently reviewed by one of the top British podcasters...wohoooo. Find out more about the review and important Torino olympic news involving Filipina snowboarder (i guarantee that you heard it here first..if not i'll quit podcasting) NOT! Sidenote: First time i listened to Adam Curry this week.

Show notes
2:11 AM 1/27/06
played by What you live by, Harvey Danger
our christmas tree is still up until..
i hired two mexican day laborers...
cut the grass..mow the lawn, trim the plants and scoop my gutter...
for $80.

played 'yer so special' by orange and lemons
zoilocast was reviewed by one of the top podcasters from England...
kycy 1550 AM open source radio san francisco, cali...
no filipino athlete in Torino...heard it here from
Eden serena, Pinay World cup snowboarder...

played 'east coast angel by emm gryner (she's part Pinay!)
closing... surprise soundbytes...
outro 'ako si M16" by Visayan group Jr. Kilat.

Music Played
What you live - Harvey Danger
Yer so Special - Orange and Lemons
East Coast... - Emm Gryner
Ako si M16 - Jr. Kilat

Sites Mentioned
Dark Compass
Harvey Danger
First Filipina
Emm Gryner
KYOU radio
KYCY 1550

I'm still using Audacity beta but leaning towards Castblaster...perhaps in the next show

Friday, January 20, 2006 

ZoiloCast No. 2

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Welcome peep to my second show. During the recording, Audacity 1.3 crashed numerous times. Despite the problem, I will give a try in the next show.
I changed the title of this show to Zoilocast. For comments and questions, email me at, skype me: truepinoy (your message maybe included in future podcast.)

I would like to thank the guy who inspired me to start podcasting, Rowland Cutler of United Kingdom. I first heard his show on KYCY AM 1550 here in Northern California (their tagline: open source radio). Podcast on the airwaves? Yes, and only in my favorite city, San Francisco. Anyway, check his podcast and ramblings in life in Dark Compass podcast. Great music too!

show notes
commute time, played the message by bento, filipino paticipation in ww2- cal state legislation (gov arnold vetoes the same proposals last year..arnold.. i voted for you, remember..)

i've got mail, i mean junk mail, baby...$200 gas and electric bill, security company, newsweek cover- bode miller, vanity fair - lindsay lohan 'preckles from head to toe, played rescued by sleepyheads,

go paquiao! stay away from crook pinoys

music played
the message by bento
rescued by sleepyheads

site mentioned


Zoilocast No. 1: Whispering at 2 AM

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This is my very first podcast and very nervous so I apologize. I'm still learning where to position the mic and how to tweak the mixer. I also not adapt to Audacity. You may have noticed that I was whispering all throughtout the show, the reason was, I recorded this at 2AM and I'm afraid I will wake up the kids. Anyway, enjoy and hope you download my succeeding shows.

I'm looking for music specially Filipino American bands. I also welcome Pinoy unsigned artists.

For comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or skype me: truepinoy, leave a message if i'm not around, your message maybe included in the podcast so be nice :).

Show notes

Korean drama, streaming media, myself...played Mr Kenkoy by Mike Hanopol...our trip to emergency room...played point of no return by Bento...more cough...end with Choon Hyang theme.

Music played

Theme from Korean drama: Full House, Mr Kenkoy by Mike Hanopol, Point of No Return by Bento, Another Korean drama sountrack

Site mentioned

aznV.TV is a totally free, video on-demand streaming service dedicated to asian entertainment lovers! They stream popular Asian TV and Movies from Korea, Hong Kong and Japan! As well as selected titles from Thailand and the Phillipines.

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