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Friday, January 20, 2006 

Zoilocast No. 1: Whispering at 2 AM

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This is my very first podcast and very nervous so I apologize. I'm still learning where to position the mic and how to tweak the mixer. I also not adapt to Audacity. You may have noticed that I was whispering all throughtout the show, the reason was, I recorded this at 2AM and I'm afraid I will wake up the kids. Anyway, enjoy and hope you download my succeeding shows.

I'm looking for music specially Filipino American bands. I also welcome Pinoy unsigned artists.

For comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at zoilocast@gmail.com or skype me: truepinoy, leave a message if i'm not around, your message maybe included in the podcast so be nice :).

Show notes

Korean drama, streaming media, aznv.tv...nervous...coughing...introduce myself...played Mr Kenkoy by Mike Hanopol...our trip to emergency room...played point of no return by Bento...more cough...end with Choon Hyang theme.

Music played

Theme from Korean drama: Full House, Mr Kenkoy by Mike Hanopol, Point of No Return by Bento, Another Korean drama sountrack

Site mentioned

aznV.TV is a totally free, video on-demand streaming service dedicated to asian entertainment lovers! They stream popular Asian TV and Movies from Korea, Hong Kong and Japan! As well as selected titles from Thailand and the Phillipines.

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